Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners invites you to take part in the


At VDNH (Pavilion 75), Moscow, May 14-16, 2019

Organizers: Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners and MVC “Expokhleb”.

Representatives of food procesing industry, businessmen, Governmental officials, scientists, catering and retail businesses will meet to promote ideas of healthy life style, to provide bakery and confectionery businesses with innovative technologies, equipment, instruments, raw materials, ingredients, components and other materials.

The program of the “Baker and Confectioner” Show includes:

- raw materials, ingredients, components, equipment, instruments, packaging, hygienic means, materials and working clothes for bakers and confectioners. For the first time a new exposition "Innovations" will be organized within the framework of the exhibition. Representatives of small and medium size businesses and businessmen who plan to open their bakery or confectionery will have an opportunity to see the exposition “Small bakeries – ready solutions” and take part in the work of the seminar “Small bakeries – from idea to business project”;

- the 19th Bread Cup of Russia – professional competitions and contests,they continue work of RBC, the aim of which is to develop interest of young people in the profession of a baker and confectioner and to keep the best baking traditions;

- a traditional fair, which targets to inform population about healthy food, such as bread, bakery and confectionery goods ,especially functional and special kinds. Guests and visitors of the Show will be able to buy tasty healthy products offered by the farmers;

- the 2nd “Russian Gingerbread” festival;

- the Business program: seminars, round table talks, master classes, discussions on development of bakery and confectionery. Special attention will be paid to successful experiences, best practices and latest technologies, to functional and special kinds of bread, regulating documents,professional training.

During the Show you will have an opportunity to discuss all aspects of cooperation with specialists of Russian and foreign companies, manufacturers of equipment, raw materials, bakery and confectionery goods.

 We invite you and your colleagues to take part in events of the Show “Baker and Confectioner”.


Contact information of the organizing committee:

Mrs. Beiserova Elena, tel.:  +7 903 729 84 20, e-mail:elenaida-57@mail.ru


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